Need a reliever?

If you are not currently using ECE Consultant’s services and are interested in doing so, please contact us for a Centre Registration form and information pack . Or click on the Centre Registration form at the bottom of this page and send it to us and we will contact you.

If you need a reliever immediately we will endeavour to fill your booking needs so your staffing needs are covered.

Why Use us

Reduce your workload. Let us help you look after your relieving needs.

ECE Consultant’s primary objective is to provide Early Childhood Centres with reliable, experienced, reliever staff and give you peace of mind when you need staff cover.

The ability to try before you buy. Many Centres find that they fill permanent positions with relievers after first having them in their Centres on a casual basis.

We take care of all the payroll and administrative work including holiday pay, PAYE, ACC levies, 80% ACC first week cover, Kiwisaver, sick leave and so on.

Centres sometimes find it useful to utilise qualified relievers for funding purposes.

The ECE Consultants team

When you need them we can provide:

  • qualified and registered ECE and Primary teachers (including at Acting Centre Manger level);
  • experienced unqualified relievers;
  • relievers for long term assignments;
  • relievers for same day assignments;
  • relievers for tomorrow, next week, next month or next year;
  • relievers when you cannot source anybody from your direct reliever pool if you have one.

Regardless of qualifications, our relievers have a love for children and a genuine interest in working with them.

We endeavour to tailor our service to meet your needs.

Centres can request specific relievers (where available) and centres can also ask that certain relievers not be sent.

We endeavour to provide the same relievers where possible so that Centres have continuity. For long term assignments we are usually able to provide continuity in the form of one reliever to cover the entire assignment.

Centres utilise our service to cover a variety of different scenarios including day to day relief to cover sick days, professional development, annual leave and maternity leave, as well as filling in the gaps between one staff member leaving and a new one starting.

All staff are subject to a safety check as per the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014.

Booking a Reliever

We can be contacted by phone (07 823 3397), text (027 523 1542) or email

For urgent bookings including same day bookings, please call or text as we may not see email straight away.

If the phone is busy you will be able to leave a message or you will be transferred to talk to someone at our answering service .  If leaving a message please leave: your name; Centre name; date, start and finish time of requested shift; and room or age group, as well as any other relevant details. We will contact you as soon as we are able.

We always acknowledge texts, emails and voicemails so you know we are working on your request. If you contact us and do not hear from us reasonably promptly, please assume we have not received your communication and contact us again.

On Friday morning we email rosters to all clients showing any bookings we have for you for the coming week.

Our messaging service operates 24/7 so there is always someone to take down your request and pass it on to us.  Or you can text or email at any time.

Requests that come in over the weekend are generally actioned early Sunday evening. Our goal is to ensure that by Sunday night you have certainty for the week ahead.  You don’t have to wait until Monday morning to know you have cover in place.

Other Services

Other services we have provided at cost in the past, including to Centres not currently using our relieving team, include:

  • organizing visits to Centres from Sailor the Puffer Fish asthma educator;
  • arranging for an ECE policy advisor from NZTC to facilitate a workshop on the changes to the Registered Teacher Criteria;
  • at the request of Centres, collecting and summarizing data on matters relevant to the ECE sector and reporting back to participating Centres. This enabled Centre owners and managers to obtain information whilst maintaining confidentiality;
  • co-ordinating Centre open days.

We are always open to suggestions and welcome any ideas you have as to other services we could provide.