Centre Information

At ECE Consultants we aim to provide early childhood centres with reliable, experienced, temporary staff (Relievers) at affordable rates.

Booking a reliever with our agency is easy, just pick up the phone, or send us an email or txt.  If you havenít utilised our service before, we will happily provide you with a registraion form and all the necessary information.

If you have a permanent position available please contact us confidentially. We may have someone on our books looking for a permanent position or we may be able to provide coverage until we do find someone.

The advantages of our service include:

    The ability to try before you buy. Many centres find that they fill permanent positions with relievers after first having them in their centres on a casual basis. 

    We take care of all the payroll and administrative work including holiday pay, PAYE, ACC levies, Kiwi Saver, sick leave etc. 

    For long term assignments we are usually able to provide continuity in the form of one reliever to cover the entire assignment.  This maybe a qualified or unqualified reliever.

    Centres often find it financially viable to boost their funding by utilising qualified relievers.  A qualified teacher for one week equates to approximately 1% on the funding figures.

    Centres utilise our service to cover a variety of different scenarios including day to day relief to cover sick days, professional development, annual leave, maternity leave and filling in the gaps between one staff member leaving and a new one starting.


    If you are interested in engaging a reliever from ECE Consultants please contact us so that we can send you a complete information pack.

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