Reliever Information

Working as a reliever with ECE Consultants allows you to have some flexibility in your lifestyle.  Sometimes you may be booked in advance, other times you will be called for work that day.

Our team of relievers includes manager level ECE qualified and registered teachers, other senior ECE qualified and registered teachers, newly ECE qualified and registered teachers, students, and experienced non-registered ECE educators.

Relieving is casual, on-call work. Work cannot be guaranteed.

Relieving also tends to be seasonal. The quietest period is in the summer with the summer holidays especially quiet.

To join our team you need to have:

  • Experience working with children outside of your whanua and preferably in a preschool setting;
  • Flexibility with hours/ days per week
  • Reliable transport
  • Be able to work at short notice
  • A genuine enjoyment of working with, and caring for children, and the desire to make a positive difference in children’s lives
  • Energetic, friendly, outgoing, approachable and able to show initiative.
  • To be a successful reliever you need to be energetic, approachable, friendly and proactive. Also important is a positive “can do” attitude and the ability to take direction well.
  • Working with preschool children can be physically demanding, but also extremely rewarding. Childcare centres are busy, often noisy environments.  There is never a dull moment, and always a funny story to share afterwards.


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